Instructors Phone Email Office Hours
Jeff Walton (530) 752-7794 By Appointment
Ping Yu (530) 752-4396 By Appointment
Basic Information:

Course Announcement & Information
Map to NMR Facility Lab (MS1-D) and Offices

Lecture materials:
Lectures (pdf's)
Powerpoints (pdf's) 
Appendix of basic Chemistry & Physics
 (This is VERY basic)
List of Flash Animations (Download the flash animations, and then open with a flash player or with an internet browser)

Lab materials: 
Short Manual for Top Spin on Bruker Spectrometers 
Short manual for ParaVision on Bruker Spectrometers (PDF file; 6 pages)
Short list of Unix Commands for Bruker Linux (7T and 9.4T) (PDF file; one page)

Laboratory Topics:
Spectroscopy Labs - Avance-800/600/500 (PDF file; one page)
Imaging Labs - Biospec 7T Horizontal Bore/9.4T Vertical Bore (PDF file; one page)
Linux Data Transfer (Imaging systems)
Lab Check-out Exam
Supplementary Information: 
NMR Definitions (PDF file; 11 pages)
Homework (only for those taking the class for credit)
Problem Sets

Final Exam:
This information is for those taking the lecture portion of the course for credit. The lecture course is graded S/U. Your grade will be determined by two homework problem sets and a final exam to be given at the end of class. The Final Exam will be in the same format as the problems sets.  The final will be a take-home to be handed out on the last day of class and will be due in Dr. Walton's Office on the date indicated.