800 MHz Bruker Avance III, Medsci D

Our 800 MHz Avance III Spectrometer is our highest field and most modern instrument. It is equipped 24/7 with a Bruker TCI cryoprobe that provides about a 4:1 Signal-to-Noise improvement over conventional probes.  It is highly suited for metabolomic studies, the study of complex biomolecules like proteins and nucleic acids, and routine 1H and 13C NMR experiments on small molecules.

Spectrometer Information

  • 800 MHz Avance III Spectrometer located at Medsci 1D
  • Equipped with a 1H-13C / 15N / 2H Bruker CPTCI Cryoprobe
  • Uses Topspin 3.2 software on a Windows 7 PC Workstation
  • 1H and 13C direct detection, 13C and 15N indirect-detection

Available Probes

  • Usually Equipped with a 5 mm Bruker 1H-13C / 15N / 2H Bruker CPTCI Cryoprobe
    • Ideal for study of organic compounds and complex biomolecules
    • Exceptional sensitivity for 1H and 13C direct detection and 15N indirect detection
    • Automatic tuning capabilities
    • Temperature range 0 C - 50 C
  • 5 mm Bruker TXI Z-Grad HCN liquids probe for 800 MHz

Examples of Spectrometer Usage

800 MHz NMR in Med Sci.