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Researcher placing an NMR sample into the 600 MHz VNMRS NMR spectrometer at the UC Davis NMR Facility
Researcher placing an NMR sample into the 600 MHz VNMRS NMR spectrometer at the UC Davis NMR Facility

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility at UC Davis is a Core Science Facility operating under the Office of Research. We provide qualified researchers in the biological, medical, and physical sciences access to state-of-the-art NMR instrumentation for spectroscopy and imaging. The Facility presently operates nine spectrometers of varying purposes and capabilities, three of which are operated jointly with the Chemistry Department and located in the Chemistry building.  All of the spectrometers are multinuclear and a large variety of liquids, solids, surface, and imaging probes are available for use.


The Facility is currently updating their training for prospective users to facilitate independently spectrometer Operation and will replace the historical BCM 230 course. CHE 219 and 219L are offered as a Graduate level course for Spectroscopy of Organic compounds and also provide training on the Chemistry instruments.

Individual training, safety (required, see below) and operational (if needed) can also be requested at the time a PPMS account is requested. Further information on training and the Facility, including spectrometer scheduling procedures, are available from the Facility office.  Please contact Ping Yu ( for more information.

Scheduling Time

To reserve instrument time on any of our spectrometers, you can access the online Scheduler Here.  For more details, please visit our FAQ page.  A PPMS account is required to access to the scheduler. Click on the request account link on the front page of the scheduler.

Safety Information

Magnetic Field safety training is required before an account is created or entry in to the lab. The Magnetic Field safety form is downloaded once you register for safety training. It should be downloaded, read, signed and presented to the trainer. Please review our other safety policies:  UC Davis NMR Facility Safety Information

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Many Frequently Asked Questions are answered on our FAQ page.  Have a look, and if you have an important question you think is missing from this section, please let us know!