BCM 230 Course Information - Fall 2020


This course covers the principles of acquiring and processing NMR and MRI data. It will be offered virtually in the fall of 2020. It consists of two parts:
1) A one hour/week lecture, worth 1 unit of credit (S/U grading).
2) An optional 2.5 hours/week lab, designed to equip the student to be an independent operator of NMR/MRI instruments. The lab is not for credit, and requires a fee (see below). The labs will be done remotely to the extent possible.
The lecture does not have to be taken for credit, and the lecture can be attended without participating in the accompanying lab portion of the course. Those wishing to take the lab, however, must attend the lectures.


One hour lecture and 2.5 hours lab once per week. The lectures will include both theory of NMR/MRI and practical considerations for instrument use. A topical outline of the lectures is available for viewing.
The lab sections will be (hopefully) 3-4 people in size and will consist of hands-on instrument training. The goal of the lab portion is to train the student to be an independent operator of the UC Davis NMR Facility spectrometers/imagers for their research. Email Jeff Walton about which lab (Spectroscop[y or Imaging) you intend to take.
(Those interested can attend the lectures only, and receive course credit if they so desire). 


Equivalent of UCD Chem 107A-B and Physics 5A-C or 9A-C, or consent of instructor. Please email jhwalton@ucdavis.edu if you have any questions. 


The class will meet Fridays from 11:00 – 11:50 AM for lecture during Fall quarter. Lab sections will be Fri. afternoons at 1 PM (other times are possible if enough people can agree on a time). The first class meeting of Fall Quarter is Fri., Oct. 2.


Lecture will via Zoom. Link to be sent later. Labs will meet at the NMR spectrometers: Rooms 18, 19, and 25 of MS1-D. Your lab assignment will be given after the first lecture. See map for lab and office locations.


Lecture notes and PowerPoint presentations (in pdf format) may be  downloaded.


The lab portion of the course has a fee of $487.50, which should be recharged from a grant or departmental account (personal checks made out to the UC Regents are accepted but not preferred). 


To take the lecture portion of the course for credit, follow normal class enrollment procedures through the University. The lecture portion of the course is listed as BCM 230 in the Fall 2020 class schedule. Contact Jeff Walton jhwalton@ucdavis.edu for the CRN. 

Whether you are taking the course for credit or not, everyone must email their name and email address to jhwalton@ucdavis.edu to ensure enrollment.