UC Davis NMR Safety Information: Chemistry Facility

Location: Chemistry rooms 93, 3470

The major hazards in the NMR facility are the strong magnetic fields around the magnets and the use of liquid cryogens – liquid nitrogen and liquid helium.  Chemical hazards are minimized by the use of small samples in sealed tubes.  All samples must be prepared outside of the NMR facility in the research lab and must be properly sealed before entering the facility.  There are no areas in the NMR facility appropriate for sample prep.

Magnetic field (Gauss) are marked and blocked around the magnet, showing the areas where magnetic materials are not permitted.  It’s extremely important to pay close attention to the Gauss lines and to remove any magnetic materials from your person before accessing the magnet.

Proper laboratory attire is required in the NMR facility.  Long pants (covered legs) and proper footwear (covered feet) is the minimum attire required to access the NMR facility.  Because samples are sealed, PPE – gloves, goggles, and lab coats are not required.

When refilling dewars or otherwise working with cryogens, safety goggles, lab coat and cryo gloves are required.  If there is a risk of a splash, a face shield may be required.  Check with NMR facility staff if you are unsure.

Magnetic Field Safety:

Extremely high magnetic field strengths found in the NMR Facility can generate large attractive forces on ferromagnetic objects.  Every facility user must take the mandatory Magnetic Field Safety Training (contact Jeff Walton - jhwalton@ucdavis.edu).  Please review our safety rules for working within large magnetic fields described in the Magnetic Field Safety Agreement.