Data Archival Instructions


Campus cyber security requires we transfer data via a secure connection such as secure FTP (SFTP). Below are instructions for doing so. Please ask NMR Facility personnel for login name and password. Transfer of data to your office or lab computer for archival is a two-step process. First the data will be moved from the spectrometer to the NMR server. Then you can use SFTP over the campus network to transfer data from the server to your PC, where it can be stored on media of your choice.


Transfer of data to the NMR server:

Data transfer from Facility Windows-based spectrometers (500, 600, 800)

Using a Windows PC host computer, you can move data directly to the NMR server just by using the mouse to drag and drop in Windows Explorer. The server is drive S, A.K.A. share$. If you don�t already have a folder on this drive, use File > New > Folder in Windows Explorer to create your own data folder on the server. Please use your first initial and last name to name your folder, for example jwalton. Place the data on the server drive under Shared > Data > your_folder via drag and drop. Your files are now on the server. You will access this drive from your office via SFTP (see below).


Data transfer from Facility Linux-based spectrometers (400, 7T, Data Station)

1) Open a Konqueror window by double clicking on the home folder icon.

2) Repeat so that you have two windows open

3) In window 1, go to your data folder /opt/pv4/data/$USERNAME/nmr (or to where ever the files are)

3) In window 2, in the address line type: s Hit Return.

4) Enter user name and password.

5) Navigate to your folder on the server.

6) Drag and drop files/folders you want to move from one window to the other.


You may need to enter the user name and password more than once.


Data transfer from Sever to your computer

To transfer data from the NMR server to your computer, connect to it from your office PC or Mac a program like Fetch (Mac) or WinSCP or Secure FX on the PC. (Do not use SmartFTP).

To connect, start your SFTP program. The server name you want to connect to is:

Be sure to select SFTP as the protocol, not FTP

User name and password are the same as above.


Additional notes:

1) The server is for temporary data storage only. Data you place there should be copied to your office computer. Files will be deleted from the server by the system administrator on a regular basis.


2) You must use secure FTP A.K.A. SFTP (not plain FTP) to connect to the NMR server. You must therefore use an FTP program that supports secure FTP.